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Determination, persistence, problem-solving ability and creativity; these are skills that position one for success. The Artfully Yours approach to teaching art is designed to hone these abilities as we want to gear your children to accomplish greatness.


Our uniquely-developed teaching methods encourage fine motor skills, neural development, critical sensory input and allow children to process their world and emotions safely. We believe that art is life as it helps us to express ourselves when words fail and aid life transitions.


Most of all, art is fun and we should never stop having fun!


At Artfully yours, we believe that children through art, can become confident learners and gain creative leadership skills. Incorporating recycling and social mindfulness into our lessons, we try our best to show our little ones the better way forward.


Our motto…”Creative minds for the future” truly speaks of what we are trying to accomplish. Unlocking their true potential, allowing for expression in an otherwise scary world, and creative problem-solving skills they take with them for life.


Fay Tan

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"kindness - it cost nothing but

means everything."


Formally known as Art chamber, Fay started it in 2016 after a 6-year stint in the Ministry of Education. She believes that art promotes creative thinking and expression, and children can become confident learners and gain creative leadership skills as they grow. 


Artfully Yours has both curated courses for Adults and children alike which includes mixed art mediums, personal 1-1 coaching, Art jamming, workshops, Art camps, corporate packages and more.


Fay constantly researches to create interesting and meaningful lesson plans for her students and clients and is also does commissioned art pieces on demand. Staying true to the motto of "Keeping your Artitude!", Artfully Yours promises to bring forth the artist in you and ignite the creative side that's deep within us all. 

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Teacher Fay

Amelia Han

Studio Manager / Senior Teacher

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"I have 15 plants in my room, and i name every single one!

Amelia makes art a practice that brings her into a space of freedom and peace. Her works expose moments of everyday life, inspired by assessments of the fundamentals of the natural world. To her, design is about fusing beauty with a purpose, emotional engagement that fulfills need and desire, reflecting her own personality. She is an enthusiastic and passionate person who has a great interest in art who also does art teaching to all ages.


She hopes to make subtle discoveries by nurturing art as a language of expression. Apart from that, she is also a freelance graphic designer, creating works for both public and private parties.


Our teachers are trained to cater to an individual child’s needs with personalized attention. 

They are a well-loved, deeply dedicated bunch who are patient, caring and encouraging. Judging from the smiles and laughter coming from our classes...Some days, we aren’t sure who’s having more fun! 

We pride ourselves for our very low teacher to student ratio and that allows for maximum focus on each student.

Teacher Aini.jpeg

Senior Teacher

- Asst. Manager -


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"I see the world through the pages of books!"

Teacher Grace.jpeg

Senior Teacher

- Assistant Creative Head -


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"You may say I am a dreamer,

but I am just day dreaming."

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