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1. Which group does my kid belong to?

- Junior: 3 - 4.5 years old

- Beginner: 4.5 - 6 years old

- Intermediate Junior: 6 - 8 years old

- Intermediate: 8 - 11 years old

- Advance: 11 years old - Adults


The above is an estimation, every kid advances at a different pace,  we will access your kid through the trial class before putting them in the best compatible group.

2 What is the earliest age that my child can begin the lesson?

Starting from age 3. (Able to follow basic instructions)

3. My kids are 4 and 7yo, can I put them in the same slot?

We will try our best to put them in the same slot (different classes) to save your trip.

Check with us for availability. Whatsapp us at  97501985! (we will reply within 3 days)

4. How can I book a trial?

Simply refer to the schedule below, and Whatsapp us your preferred day and time to 97501985.

We’ll get back to you within 3 working days.

Kindly refer to our schedule list for more info:

5. How much is the trial class?

Trial classes are $35 each (1.5hr), it will be waived off if you decide to sign up within the same day.

6. How long is the trial lesson? Can parents sit in?

Trial lessons are 1.5hrs for the Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advance group. For the Junior group, it is 1hr.

All are drop off classes.  Parents may stay for the first 15 min at the start and end of the lesson.


7. What do I have to bring for the trial class?

All materials are provided. Just bring along a water bottle and wear a comfortable mask.

To avoid getting the clothes dirty, we encourage the kids not to wear expensive or new clothes. Have fun and make magic!

8. How much are the fees?

- One-time registration fee and material fee: $150

- Deposit: $50 ( (Returnable upon 4 weeks notice of withdrawal)

- 4 x lessons (1 cycle): $200


(Trial lesson is available at $35 and will be waived off upon signing up)


Refer to the following link for more info:

9. What will be the teacher to student ratio?

To ensure that all students get enough attention, the teacher to students ratio will be 1:4 (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced). As for our Junior group, the ratio will be 1:2.


10. How many students will there be in a class?

Due to the current situation, we are accommodating a maximum of 5 children in a classroom. We do our best to practice precautionary hygiene/ safety measures and necessary social distancing to ensure the kids are safe and healthy.



11. What will they learn?

Our lessons are carefully and thoughtfully created and curated, therefore we can't share our lesson plans through email or WhatsApp due to confidentiality.

We will share more with you during the trial lesson too! 

Kindly refer to our program list for more info:

12. Do I have to pay before coming for the trial?/ Payment method

No, you can make the payment on that day itself during the trial class.

We accept Cash and PayNow/ Paylah!. Once the payment is done, kindly screenshot the transaction and send it to 9750 1985 for admin purposes.


13. For regular lessons, will the teacher be fixed?

Yes, most likely. However, there may be a change occasionally due to some unforeseen situations. But rest assured that all the teachers are well trained. Our teachers are experienced and permanent (full time and part-time).


14. Will there be a make-up lesson when my child misses a class?

We provide one makeup per cycle (4 lessons) for students with a valid mc/ travel document.

Kindly make arrangements for replacement classes within the week, and attend the replacement lesson within the month, otherwise, it will be forfeited.

15. Are there any lessons during the public holidays?

We are open on most public holidays, except the major ones like Chinese New Year and Christmas. All parents will be informed beforehand through Whatsapp in any case we are closed.

16. Directions:

- Nearest Station: Ang Mo Kio (10 mins walk)

- Nearest Bus Stop (54411): 265, 548, 668

Note: Our entrance is at the back, near the loading bay area, do lookout for a turquoise door.

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