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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Inspired by the late artist, Eric Carle, let's go on an adventure as a very hungry caterpillar and munch on the surprise food we will be sent to you at random!


  • Secret food art will catch you by surprise!

  • Paint your favourite colour on your caterpillar

  • Get creative with colours!

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_The Magical Blob.jpg
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The Magical Blob!

Inspired by Carla Sonheim, art is a process that is fun! Something can be turn into anything just by allowing your creativity to be free and flowing.

Even something as shapeless as a blob can be turned into something unique.


  • Allow your imagination to be free

  • Play along with shapes and textures

  • Let’s be creative!

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_FA Files-01.png
_FA Files-14.png
_FA Files-17.png

Let's Paint like Monet!

Learn to paint like the famous French artist Claude Monet!

  • Learn about Impressionism

  • Create your own version of the famous water lily painting

  • Learn how to paint like Monet

  • Implement your own colours!

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Bring the beach to your home!

  • Learn painting techniques to create realistic effects

  • Understand perspective and composition

  • Learning how to mix and have fun with colours

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