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What is a parrot's favourite game?

Hide and Speak!!!


Parrots also go by another term called ‘Psittacines'. Parrots are part of a big family! There are up to 372 different kinds of parrots!


Watch a youtube video and read a book that we have linked our colourful, chatty-winged friends! Have fun following our step-by-step painting demonstration and let’s embark on a magical painting journey!

Feel free to tag the illustrator, or tag us on Insta @artfullyyourssg once you're done!

_Free colouring pg.png

120 MINS

Put your painting skills to the test with this painting of Parrot Pals!


  • Discover more about these social intelligent creatures!

  • Create depths to your painting by using the method of toning

  • Apply your blending skills

  • Learn the technique of 'Stamping'

Price: $35

(All lessons include a complimentary lesson kit .

Note: Essential Kit has to be purchase separately.)



Story by: Katherine Rawson

_Parrot Cover.png

Create, draw and paint along with the full video demonstration:​

TAKE AWAY: Self-confidence, observational skill, patience, creative skills, self-expression, and some Art techniques.

*Children under 10 years old must be guided by an adult.

Painting Set
_Overview 1.png
_Overview 2.png
_Overview 3.png


  • 8 x 10'' Canvas

  • A black marker


  • Toothbrush

  • Leaves

Things Required for this project:

Acrylic paints and Paint brushes

Acrylic paint set + Acrylic paint brushes are now available!

$39 Paint Kit.png
$28 Paint Kit.png
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