The Great Wave

Inspired by: Katsushika Hokusai

120 MINS

Paint your own Great Wave!

• Art History - Facts about Hokusai and The Great Wave Artwork

• Blending painting techniques.

• Observational drawings

• Colour Values

• Fun and interactive Artwork

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_Wave Cover.png

Inspired by The Great Wave art piece by Katsushika Hokusai, the children will learn some facts about the Artist - Hokusai and how he created the art pieces. 

*Do you know that the original The Great Wave is actually a Print, not a Painting?


This lesson will include the link to the YouTube video, a step-by-step video demonstration to do the painting and a pdf drawing Guide. 

Easy to follow, and fun to do!

 Inclusive of a free lesson kit and free delivery!


Create, draw and paint along with the full video demonstration:​

TAKE AWAY: Self-confidence, observational skill, patience, creative skills, self-expression, and some Art techniques.

*Children under 10 years old must be guided by an adult.



  • Canvas

  • Paper

  • Paper Fastener

  • Small piece of Cardboard

  • Silver/ Gold Marker


  • Toothbrush

  • White Glue

Things Required for this project:

Acrylic paints and Paint brushes

Acrylic paint set +

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