Welcome to WhateverLand... A magical place where toys come alive, animals are friends, water tastes like lemonade, the air smells like cotton candy...AND where your imagination and creativity is the key to unlock this mythical place. Things have been lovely and fine till recent times where a powerful evil witch called Bloody Mary and her henchmen, black fairy, stinky troll, and pixie trouble have attacked the city! For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, they wreak havoc and she consumes the imagination and creativity of its people, causing everyone to be listless, soulless and without joy.


WhateverLand is powered by the spark of its intelligent inhabitants, and without will soon be gone! OH NO! We need YOU! To be part of our army of good children to help defeat the evil witch! All you need is a big imagination and an even bigger heart! Each day, little by little, we will use the magic of Science, Arts, and Drama to reduce her stranglehold and power till she is driven away for good!